The joy of cycling!

Well hello there!

I’ve always had the intention to start a blog but didn’t really want to until i actually had something to write about, as I have a tendency to waffle when I lack direction. The general focus of this blog is going to be cycling, a sport which I have recently taken to in an effort to better myself physically, and also because I quite enjoy it. I come from a background of team sports and running, the former was the focus of my attention for the best part of ten years, the latter  mainly due to my fathers obsession with running. Last year however due to an achillies tendon injury my father was forced to go elsewhere for his cardio needs and decided to take up cycling to aid in his rehab, and I agreed to join him. I jumped at the chance to avoid running to stay fit, as the high impact nature doesn’t suit me as much as cycling does. So here we stand a year later and I decided to start this blog to keep myself motivated and to track my progress. So expect posts to contain details of sportives undertaken, training rides and the occasional race, hopefully. Oh and plenty of pining after bikes that I can’t afford ( In case I forgot to mention i’m a student).

Watch this space!

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