150k madness?

The main goal for me at the outset of the summer was to get fit enough to complete the etape hibernia, a 134km race/sportive taking place in my native county of Clare in Ireland in August. Now initially i saw even the completion of this as a daunting task, but six weeks into my summer holidays and I have already surpassed the milestone of 130km, with an extra 16km to boot. Last weekend it was my cousins 21st, and my father suggested we should cycle to her house, which is in westmeath, 150km away. Needless to say I was apprehensive but in a fit of lunacy I agreed. So we set off and my main goal was to just arrive, period. But dad had other ideas, he wanted to get there in under five hours, quite an ask for a 150km journey, and for someone who has only been training properly for this distance for a few weeks. It was going well an we were averaging 18.7mph but around the halfway mark I got a sudden and extremely painful cramp in both my hamstrings and had to get off and walk for a minute to loosen out. After mounting up again i managed to get the rest of the way without too much drama, save for the cramps returning with three miles to go! But we made it, and in a time of 5hrs and 58 mins, which overall I was quite proud of, although I felt the result of my efforts for about three days after. The main aim was to prove to myself that I could do this, Job done! Etape,I’m coming for you!


This is a map and profile of the route we took,

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